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Our tons of positive reviews and the satisfaction of our clients promote us as a single pleasure unit, able to fulfill the most extreme and naughty desires that a customer may have imagined.

The variety of offered services has boosted our top competency into the highest possible ranking among other escort sites, making us known on a worldwide scale and attracting clients from all countries in the entire world.

History and Background

Created in 2002, Escort Yellow has started as a humble escort agency, meeting the requirements of clients from only a small area in Amsterdam, Holland. Benefiting of the favorite environment and the strong tourist’s desire to fulfill their sexual dreams, the agency has very fast evolved and increased in reputation.

As expected, the results didn’t stop to come. After the first year of hard work provided by the only 5 members, at that time, Escort Yellow has rapidly gathered the attention of the most beautiful, skilled, open-minded and experienced hookers from the entire country. As a result of that, the staff of the newly created company reached by the year 2007 to more than 100 escorts, 10 specialists in massaging and over 200 Hamburg Escorts eager to provide any required services to the highest paying clients. Click here for more info.

Until nowadays, the number is still increasing as the agency is gaining more and more reputation and the number of satisfied clients is rising on a very steep slope. The process of getting into contact with them is very simple. You just need to visit the www.escortyellow.com platform, select your desired service and service provider, and set an appointment. You will be contacted latter about this meeting and more details are provided after the form submission.

Special Escort Selection

In order to find an available job spot inside the company, you are required to fulfill a serious number of requirements, both physically and mentally.

First of all, your body should be flawless. And when I say flawless, I mean perfect. Nicely shaped ass with big round boobs are a huge advantage. Completed with a skinny silhouette and a pretty face, you are all set to advance to the next probe.

In here, your communication skills, behavior acting and open-minded character will be tested. To provide to our customers the best experience, it is a must to be able to communicate nicely and relaxed with them and to be experienced in creating a good atmosphere. Nothing is more appreciated than the ability of making yourself funny and appreciated!

Last, but not least, your escort skills are being tested by some of their named staff members of Escorte iasi. For most sections this is just a routine check, except for the massage girls. In this domain, you are required to possess a qualification degree in relaxed massaging and the ability of performing the most sensual and sexual massage you can, every time.


About Us

Variety of Provided Services

Having such a huge area of interest covers most of our client’s desires, and on top of that, increased the chance for some of them to accomplish their deepest and kinkiest dreams. They can choose anything from having a meeting with one/two of our specially selected escorts, fill in their available hostess place in their night club, having a nice and relaxed happy ending massage or creating fake customers at their swinger club.

All services provided by Escort Yellow all developed and improved over the last 15 years in order to offer to the client the best possible user experience and to meet all his requests, without any exception.

Natural Girls

Consequently, the search has ended now, you can find the perfect type for you.


Full discretion, we know you want to stay hidden and we do everything for that.

Meetings & Payment

The payment for the desired services is very easy and of full privacy. One of their top concerns is to protect your personal life and environment from the meetings that you will have with one of their sensual escorts.

Appointment Establishment

In order to establish an appointment, you just need to follow these easy steps, presented and detailed bellow:

  1. Go to escortyellow.com at the Appointment page
  2. Select one of the many services available to be provided by the agency
  3. Set the date and time for when you want the meeting to take place
  4. Look over the available escorts that may provide you the desired service, in that period of time
  5. Select one of them and choose from the dropdown list, the meeting duration that fits your best
  6. Select the payment method and submit the form.

These are all the steps you need to follow when creating an appointment. You must consider that before being able to make an appointment, you are required to create an anonymous account on the site. Thus, you can link your credit card account to the site, if you prefer to select the direct payment method, at the appointment creation time.

Payment and Terms

When it comes to talking about money, things get serious! Escort Yellow’s online platform is created using the latest encryption technology and uses the 3D Secure payment mechanism, in order to prevent you for being scammed and to have your personal data integrity untouched.

Thus, they highly encourage you to link your bank account to your site profile, thus making the payment for the desired services directly online, without any restriction. The advantages of selecting this type of payment are the 10% discount that the agency offers to its clients and the 100% reservation of the escort for the selected period of time.

In case you are opting for the cash payment, moments before the meeting, nothing is certain for you. If a client that selects the same escort as you in the same period of time chooses the bank account payment, he is automatically prioritized in front of you. An email informing you about this issue will be send to your address, along with the invitation of selecting another escort from their site and their recommendation of using the bank account payment for the next time.

Conditions for Reservation Cancellation

There are several things you must consider when cancelling a prepaid reservation. In case of some unlucky event occurrence, if the reservation made by you must be cancelled, you will receive an email to your address informing you about the conditions that you must fulfill in order to make the most out of your money.

Among them, I can state the most important ones. You are required to make another appointment for any service desired, equal or more with the already paid money, in order to don’t lose them. If more than 3 months have passed since the reservation cancellation, the amount of money transferred to the agency will become unusable by you and your rights upon they will be revoked.



We are EscortYellow

Providing professional escort services for so many years has become a natural behavior for the Escort Yellow agency. Starting from no more than 5 local escorts, the Amsterdam based agency has rapidly increased into the eyes of tourists.

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