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Escort Yellow is an escort agency that provides a wide range of high quality services for the most exigent client requirements. The company located in Amsterdam is continuously improving its user experience, based on the reviews received by its customers and based on the processed information at the Customer Care centre.

Any problem you may encounter, either on the web platform or inside the meeting planned with one of their girls, you are encouraged to report the issue to the Call Centre and they will reward you with either your money back or a consistent discount to the next appointment, as a sign of regret for the unexpected error.

You can find the main information about the agency in the table below.

Agency Escort Yellow
Address Sint Jansstraat 44B
City Amsterdam, Holland
Phone +2 (222) 854 0671
Fax +2 (222) 946 6020


Newsletter and Call Centre

The most important means of communicating with the public are the newsletter factory and the call centre assistance. These two processes assure the high quality of their services and are responsible for the great income that yearly this agency has.

In order to subscribe to their newsletter, you must simply enter your email address in the textbox from the front page of their online platform,, and hit the submit button.

At that moment, you are required to verify your email identity by entering the codes received in the verification email and on the mobile phone, into the personal account on the site.

After this completion, you will weekly receive typed emails informing you about the actions and events planned by the agency’s staff and about the prices of the most beautiful and skilled escorts. This information is priceless, as there are many spam networks outside that tend to offer you high quality escort services, and in fact, they are just viruses that aim to steal your personal information from your device.

The Call Centre department is in a close relationship with the Customer Care department because of their common goal of solving client’s problems and to increase the overall image and quality of services.

Usually, the rule of asking clarifications about a problem is as follows: if the problem is urgent, you need to reach the Call Centre and if the problem is not so urgent to be solved, you may type an email and send it to the agency’s email address, found at

Also, I highly encourage you to have a look at the FAQ page before giving any call or email, because the problems and questions you may have are likely to be reported by a previous client before and a solution may be even listed on the website. In this way, you are not only saving your time, but you are also clearing the call line of the agency’s department and you may prevent a possible long conversation.