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Providing professional escort services for so many years has become a natural behavior for the Escort Yellow agency. Starting from no more than 5 local escorts, the Amsterdam based agency has rapidly increased into the eyes of tourists. Eager to fulfill their sexual desires, lost of travelers from all corners of the world gathered at the “fresh meat” company with the sole purpose of testing the ground.

And they were not disappointed. The skills and treatment offered by Escort Yellow’s girls were on a higher level than the average market one, thus resulting into lots of positive reviews and appreciation feedbacks.

Privacy and Security

Among the priority of providing high quality service to all of their clients, privacy and security of the customers are a top priority. In this direction, the agency has been under contract with a security guard company since 2005.

Every entrance to their location is 24/7 guarded by one of the security team’s member and every meeting is monitored in order to assure that no interferences and special actions occur. The aim is to create for their clients a positive and private environment, in which they can relax along with their girls and get the experience of their life.

Located inside the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the agency’s entry point is protected and exclusive only for the customers that already paid for a service. This action is being performed in order to prevent the agglomeration of the inside rooms and the possible problems that may appear between tourists and their escorts.

Also, their confidentiality is even expressed in the bank transaction details that you may have. You will never have to worry that on your payment receipt will be written “escort services” or “Escort Yellow”, as on the note will be written the global name of the company, RESTAURY SRL.

Download the Escort Yellow App

Stay updated with the latest technology in terms of erotic software. The Escort Yellow mobile app, available to be downloaded from your application store provider, allows you to get tons of useful information and through it, you may place your appointment submission form from anywhere and at any time.

Also, you can see the escort’s availability under different periods of time, link, straight from your mobile phone, the bank account to your www.escortyellow.com profile and process the payment right out of your bed.

This amazing tool has also a chat option implemented right on the mobile application to allow you to communicate directly with the Customer Care department and to ask about any encountered problem. The assistance service is available to be contacted 24/7 and their professionalism and skills are, for sure, of the highest quality.